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St. Coletta's of IL Foundation

18350 Crossing Drive 

Tinley Park, IL 60487

Phone: (708) 342-5200


Vocational Program


John Kubin

Director of Vocational Services


Mary Van Pelt

Employment Services Manager


St. Coletta's of Illinois Vocational Program allows the individuals we serve to learn skills needed for working. Our programs encourage participants to acquire skills that will help them in their future job placement. For example: if a participant is placed within our Janitorial Program they learn how to operate vacuums or floor scrubbers, the correct products, and how to use them.  Participants use what they have been taught as they move forward in gaining skills and confidence. There are different placements within our programs from the workshop where we do subcontract work, the Culinary Arts Center, the Janitorial Program, and much more.   If appropriate their goal is to graduate into working within community placements, such as in local restaurants or supermarkets.  Job coaches are provided to guide and help individuals as they grow. The coaches use our Vocational Training Computer lab as a resource to help our people look for jobs and, if available, apply for positions online.   The Vocational Program is a service we provide to enhance the lives of our people.  



Learn more about the Sr. Anne Mary Rischar Center Additions.

The Vocational Training Center, in Tinley Park, provides opportunities for 250 individuals with special needs to become self-sufficient and learn the responsibilities and benefits of working. Tasks are adjusted to meet the needs and ability level of each worker, while assistance and supervision are provided by qualified staff. The workshop provides these special needs men and women with the opportunity to learn vocational skills, as well as experience the pride of earning a paycheck.


Companies are welcome to partner with us in order to provide opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities. Some of our partners include:

  • Turtle Wax

  • Kraft

  • Aero Rubber

  • Pepsi

  • Print King

  • Sampling Corp.

  • Midas

  • IGOR (I-Pass)


  • Bounty

  • RC Cola

  • Chicago Tribune

  • Chicago Sun Times

  • Cott Beverages

  • White Castles

  • Urban Ministries

  • Atlas Putty Co.


Vocational Training Center


The St. Coletta's Vocational Program helps companies reduce labor and overtime costs, eliminate expansion, reduce costs by performing work at lesser rates, and help meet deadlines. The St. Coletta's workers are able to assist customers, but are not limited to:


  • Assembly of products

  • Heat sealing small packages

  • Shrink wrapping cases of pop, cans, bottles, etc.

  • Packaging cans, boxes, cartons, etc.

  • Collating various numbers

  • Labeling postcards, envelopes, cans, bottles, etc.

  • Sorting flavors of pop and envelopes by zip code


Over the years, St. Coletta's has trained approximately 15 individuals in the proper use of a forklift truck, and 20 individuals on the electric pallet truck.


Culinary Arts Education Program/Kitchen

In October 2012 we closed the on campus training kitchen and began remodeling for the new Culinary Arts Education Center. During the remodel time we asked Chef Fred Ferrara, Culinary Instructor at Joliet Junior College, to come in to teach and train our vocational staff. Weekly, with Chef Fred, workers learned how to prepare and handle foods as well as a variety of recipes for the kitchen’s new menu. The Culinary Arts Education Kitchen opened up in January 2014. 


With fresh foods prepared daily, you can find an array of delicious items to eat for lunch including sandwiches, wraps, panini, salads, and soup. The menu also features specialty items such as pizzas, smoothies and a great breakfast selection. 

Culinary Arts Bakery  Program

Something new to St. Coletta’s is the addition of the Culinary Arts  Bakery Program. This program began running in the Spring of 2014.  An array of sweet treats is available for purchase on-site for individual purchase during breaks or lunch for staff and those served at St. Coletta's. 

Janitorial Program

The Janitorial Program started in April 2013. Through the Janitorial Program training, individuals with special needs acquired many new skills which include proper cleaning and sanitizing techniques as well as learning how to use equipment to buff the floors.


As of September 1st, the program has worked on a daily basis cleaning the bathrooms, hallways, lunchrooms and classrooms at our administrative offices and the Kennedy School.  They take care of everything from the garbage to vacuuming.   The team takes pride in keeping our building clean.



New workers are already entering the training process, so the program is beginning to grow in size.  Eventually, the team will be in charge of cleaning some of the group homes on a monthly basis.


We do offer commercial and office cleaning services to the public. They are fully equipped to handle any job and are reliable, flexible and thorough. If you would like to learn more about having members of our Janitorial Program come and clean your office space, please contact Employment Services Manager, Mary Van Pelt at 708-342-5200.​